Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is designed to assist in covering necessary care for your eyes, including preventive care such as regular exams or vision tests, corrective lenses, frames, contacts and more. Paying out-of-pocket for necessary eye care can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Vision insurance can help cover the cost of care while providing valuable access to a network of providers and retailers.1


Why Vision Insurance?

Did you know that vision care plays a huge role in overall health? In fact, routine eye exams can help identify signs of certain chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Approximately 64% of adults require vision correction1, which is why vision insurance is a valuable addition in creating a robust employee benefit program.


Why Vision Insurance from Nippon Life Benefits?

A Variety of Networks


We have partnered with one of the largest networks in the industry, EyeMed Insight Vision Network®, to bring convenient access to care and excpetional vision benefits to our members. Learn More about the EyeMed Insight Network.

Many Options


Copay Plans

This option features paid-in-full option for eye exam, contact lens fitting and follow-up option, and discount lens options such as UV treatment or tint.

Allowance Plans

Allowance plans feature eye-exam copay at in-network providers and an allowance for materials like frames, lenses, or contact lenses.

Excellence in Service


We focus on making benefits that our members and employes love. How do we do that? By coupling exceptional products with excellent customer service. In fact, in 2020, we were ranked an average of 9.5/10 in customer satisfaction.1

1. Based on 2020 customer satisfaction survey results

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